HFLbroadband Acquires Surrey Hills Internet

HFLbroadband Acquires Surrey Hills Internet

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Private Fibre Internet Service Provider HFLbroadband Acquires Surrey Hills Internet

The private fibre provider HFLbroadband, which offers private gigabit broadband across the UK has today announced the acquisition Surrey Hills Internet. The move to increase HFL’s capacity around the UK and further increases capacity in its London Docklands Infrastructure.

'Surrey Hills Internet is a specialist internet service provider focused on full fibre internet services.  Especially those homes and businesses that may have struggled to find a fast, reliable service elsewhere. Where some suppliers make vague promises with ‘up to’ speeds, their service comes with performance guaranteed. So the speed you pay for is the speed you’ll get all day, every day.’ 

James Flanagan, Owner of HFLbroadband:

“Today's acquisition marks another step in HFL’s journey to build an innovative business based on high-speed always-on connectivity for our customers. We have always believed businesses deserve more from their internet services provider, with our private circuits and MSP services we want to take the industry to the next level. Technology, speed and capacity of our Private Fibre allow us to offer our customers the best IT solutions, VoIP & Cyber Security offerings” 


About HFLbroadband:

HFLbroadband is a privately owned ISP based in Gloucestershire with its ISP Infrastructure based in London’s Docklands Telehouse East, the home of The London Internet Exchange, which is designed for financial trading exchanges, media and content providers that require speed, reliability, and reach.

HFLbroadband deliver a range of services based on the provision of high speed internet connections, often in remote and "demand hungry" locations. Focusing on businesses, brands & the hospitality industry, we support the day to day running of the IT Solutions, VoIP and Cyber Security for these businesses, whilst also supporting them at live events around the UK.  The team have demonstrable experience of providing robust and resilient connectivity in high volume and high pressure environments.