APC UPS - Desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply (300W/500VA)
APC UPS - Desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply (300W/500VA)


APC UPS - Desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply (300W/500VA)

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APC UPS - Desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply (300W/500VA)


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APC BX500MI Back-UPS Desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply

The APC BX500MI Back-UPS Desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply is a reliable and efficient solution for safeguarding your electronic devices. With its advanced technology, it stabilises the main electrical line voltage to ensure a consistent and reliable power supply to your equipment. This feature is particularly useful in areas prone to power fluctuations, preventing potential damage to your connected devices. Moreover, the UPS offers protection against dips and spikes caused by lightning strikes, shielding your valuable equipment from potential harm. In the event of a power outage, the BX500MI provides instant power to your devices, allowing you to continue working without interruption. Its quick response ensures that your equipment remains powered up, minimising the risk of data loss or disruption.

Key Features

  • Sufficient Runtime
    50% Load with 6.7min to 7.7min back up time, 100% Load with 1min full series back up time.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
    Allows unstable power environment protection 140-300V.
  • Built In AVR + Surge
    Saves battery life by correcting sustained voltage fluctuations without losing battery power. Protects devices against damaging lightning and spikes by converting the different voltage inputs to meet the one required.
  • Auto-Start Function
    Enables the UPS to restart automatically when mains recovers after a complete battery discharge.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Automatic Voltage Regulation boosts/trims the AC voltage when it drops/exceeds levels. This allows the equipment plugged into the unit to operate during low/high voltage conditions, conserving the battery power in the event of a power cut. The Back-UPS will switch to battery power if the input voltage level becomes too low/high for the Automatic Voltage Regulation to compensate, or if the AC power is distorted.

Visibility and Manageability Software

In the event of an extended power outage, prevent potential data loss or corruption with PowerChute Personal Edition Software.

Dataline Protection

The majority of all surge-induced damage is caused by surges and spikes travelling along unprotected data lines. The BX500MI offers dataline protection for data transmission through the network with 1 gigabit speed.


The APC BX500MI UPS is an ideal power protection solution for the following environments and devices:

  • Home office (modem/router, desktop PC, PC monitor, NAS).
  • Home entertainment (TV box, television, music speakers).
  • Smart home (smart speakers, home security/surveillance cameras).

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